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Quote of the Day

Steve - 11:11am
That's what the holodeck looks like when you're not running a program.  (In reference to a QVR scene loading.)

October 22nd, 2006 at 11:16 AM | Feedback

Tanner Rides Again

Tanner raced again at Oak Tree in Santa Anita yesterday, October 18th, in the Race 2.  I wasn't able to go up from San Diego for the race but I did get a chance to watch it from the Del Mar Race Track.

I'm so proud of our little horse!  The race went off and Tanner hovered around 4th or 5th place.  As the horses rounded the turn to the home stretch, Tanner made his move around the outside and into 3rd place.  As the lead pack galloped down the straight-away he made his move for 1st place.  Unfortunately, one of the other horses was also on the move.  Tanner never saw the horse coming and ended up finished the race in 2nd place, losing 1st place by only half a length.

I'm happier than can be with his performance.  He's an amazing horse with a lot of potential.  On one hand, I'd be a little depressed if he won the race and I wasn't able to be in the winner's circle for the photo.  And on the other hand, I always want him to win first place.  Now I'm just afraid that someone will claim him at the next race.

October 19th, 2006 at 6:44 PM | Feedback

Defying Gravity

July was one of the most insane, exciting, extreme, and screwed up months that I've ever been through.  And no, I'm not exaggerating!

The month of July started with me flipping out about my health.  Pondering your own demise is not fun-- especially when you can't share with anyone the fact that you think you're going to die.

That was quickly followed by my birthday.  I'm dying!  Let's celebrate!

The absolute best part of July was when I started dating Steve again.  We went on a couple of dates a year ago, but we put a possible relationship on hold for Steve to direct his attention towards another developing relationship with someone overseas that he'd been seeing.

Steve ended up calling it quits six months later.  A few months passed and June 6th was rolling around-- election night.  That's the usual time when Steve and I run into each other.  I emailed him about the upcoming event and he responded that he wouldn't be there this year for our usual rendezvous because he had to be in Sacramento.  So instead he invited me to dinner.

That's where we come to the complete alienation of my best friend Brad.  Here's some advice to those wishing to break bad news-- timing is everything!  Don't do it at a happy event.  It doesn't make it any easier.  It spoils the fun.  Don't do it.  I wish that I had thought about that one a little more.

August 14th was one of the most fucked up days I've ever had.  Period.  It was as if the forces of the universe wanted nothing more than to rape every emotion I have.  Repeatedly.  Let me elaborate...

That day was Brad's birthday.  It was so exciting because on that very day our horse, A Toast To Tanner, was set to run at Del Mar around 3:30pm.  That morning I got a call from my mom that her breast cancer was back.  Wow.  It was nearly impossible to hold back the tears later on in front of my friends, who were so excited about Tanner running.  The race went off and Tanner finished 6th.  After the races were over we all went to dinner for Brad's birthday.

Near the end of that week my mom’s biopsy results came in-- the lump was benign. 

My trip to Montreal with Steve was from September 5th through the 12th.  There’s so much to be said about how amazing it was, but I'll refrain for now.  Details will be spilled in a follow-up posting.

When I got back from Montreal it was only a few days till Tanner raced again on September 16th.  This time in Pomona, and this time he came in second place!

Coming down from that high, only a day later, Brad told me that he needed distance from me and our friendship.  Being out of contact while I was in Montreal had helped him and he wanted more time apart.

Finally, I wrap up with my sister just being released out of the hospital today.  She went to the ER the middle of last week with a fever that would spike as high as 105.3.  It's difficult being so far away from her and not knowing what's going on.  It's not like I can just make a quick drive from San Diego to Palm Beach.  The doctors think, by process of elimination, that it was a reaction to a new medication.  Unfortunately, there's no way to know now without putting her back into danger.  I'm just glad she's at home and getting better.

There’s more to what happened since July started but I have to hold back for now for reasons which will be clear later.  It's that damn Gray Online.

Espen, I defy gravity.

October 4th, 2006 at 8:00 PM | Feedback

The Gray Online

So I've been a little lacking in how often I post to my blog.  You'd think that with everything I have going on it would be easy to write about at least some of it.

Turns out that really isn't the case.  Not only is it difficult to make the time for a well thought-out entry, there's also a huge gray area when posting stories about my personal life.

It was easier to write when I was single because I didn't have to address a lot of topics.  What makes that difficult is the diverse group of people who read my blog-- family, friends, people I've worked with, people I still work with, and perspective employers.

A couple of days ago I decided to more clearly define the line between private and public, and my posts from now on will reflect some of those decisions.

October 4th, 2006 at 5:46 PM | Feedback

Julie McAdam Farr

She wants a mention, so here it is... Julie's Company

October 2nd, 2006 at 7:47 PM | Feedback

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September 9th, 2006

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